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Who we were...
Aurinco was started in 2001 to exploit solar energy solutions, both electric, thermal and using LED's. We focused in 2005 on solar panels for leisure use, mainly for boating and RV's. This is now our main business. Since January 2013 our production is based in Anacortes, WA, USA.
Patrik Swanljung grew up with sailing and boating in his native Finland - he remembers his mother telling him that he slept as a baby under a sail in his parents' open boat. He has a Ph.D. in science from the Royal University of Stockholm. Combining his sailing and science background led to the creation of Aurinco.
Cordelia Hightower is the second principal in Aurinco. She contributes with an MBA, an extensive marketing experience as well as her personality.
Gunnar Damstrom, a diploma engineer with extensive industrial experience both in the USA and internationally, has been our consultant since 2005.
This is our first marine solar panel, from 2005.
Our Production Manager Andreas Swanljung working in our Anacortes factory.
Another shot from our production department.

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