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On this page you will find items outside our standard product line. All are have been tested as working at or close to specifications. Some are flawless, others are units that did not pass our final inspection, usually because of cosmetic flaws.

Bargain prices are firm and cannot be reduced with other discounts like quantity or trade show discounts.

Products purchased on this page can be returned within 30 days for a refund - you only pay for shipping costs - provided that they are unused and carefully repacked in the original carton.

Because we only have one or a few bargain units available there is the possibility that the object was sold just before you placed your order. In that case we will immediately refund you together with our apologies.

Compact 110 W (classic style) with adjustable pivoting rail mount

Factory new, no flaw, but last of its kind. Built on anodized aluminum. Specs as original model. Fitted with pivoting brackets for a 1" rail mount (see Mounting Aids) adjustable in 2 dimensions. Optional pair of rail clamps available for fitting panel between 2 tubes.



Units left as of today: 1

Extra pair of rail clamps for second rail


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